Globalization and Southeast Asia • Spring 2014

Less than a week away! April 3rd is our check in day at the Lub’D Siam hostel in Bangkok, and the start of my study abroad experience in Southeast Asia. The past couple of weeks have been very busy, finishing winter quarter finals, working out what to pack and how to prepare for international travel, as well as completing our first research paper for the study abroad course, pre-departure.

Although it has been tough to work into my spring break schedule, studying for and writing the pre-departure research paper has been incredibly informative and will improve the traveling and learning experience for everyone in this group. The topics we were asked to cover are related to the course syllabus which has an emphasis on the globalization and economic issues facing the countries in Southeast Asia in which we will be traveling, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Although I’m sure my impressions and ideas of what this experience is going to be like will be changed drastically over the next couple of months, thanks to our dedicated program directors I feel like I have a fairly informed position to begin with.

Until next week then, an update to this blog is upcoming once we arrive and start our adventure in Bangkok.