Irish is the life for me

Brown_9_4Ireland is an amazing place. The scenery is as green as you can possibly get and the people are both lively and friendly. The only downside to this amazing country is the weather. Much like Seattle, Ireland is frequently accustomed to rainy days and overcast skies. Throughout the entire trip it felt as though I was back in Seattle just due to the weather of the country. In Ireland I had the opportunity to visit Dublin, Galway, and the Cliffs of Moher in Clare. All of the cities were fun to visit and each had its own unique Irish flavor.

Brown_9_2To begin the trip we landed in Dublin and had the chance to explore the city for a couple days. Overall the city was not extremely big so that made walking around to all of the sites fairly easy compared to other large European cities. On one of the days I took part in a 3 hour walking tour of Dublin where I learned so much more about the unique history of the country. Our guide had an amazing accent and really brought energy to each and every story. Overall, Dublin had a great city atmosphere. It was a unique blend of locals and foreigners that created a melting pot of cultures all in one place.

Brown_9_3On the weekend myself and few friends took a bus all the way to the other side of the island in order to visit the Cliffs of Moher. In the past I have seen pictures of the cliffs on postcards or travel sites, but it wasn’t until I was standing right next to the cliffs till I realized how large they actually are. The cliffs range from 200-700 feet in the air, which make for some amazing and beautiful views. Definitely worth the 3 hour drive from Dublin.

Brown_9_1Also, while in the County Clare region we also visited the town of Galway. In all senses of the word this city was very naturally Irish. The city was filled with numerous pubs and plenty of local eateries. I really enjoyed just walking throughout the city and taking in all of the sites. Likewise, Galway was also worth the long drive.

Until next time…