T-Minus Eight Days to Takeoff!

Finals are over, and now the excitement is overwhelming!

I love airports, planes, packing, passports, and everything about traveling. Now that I have nothing of pressing importance to preoccupy my time, Amsterdam is at the forefront of my mind! I’ve been abroad before, but not to study, so I’m thrilled for this experience. Would it be too crazy to count the hours?

We’ve been researching social control and competing perspectives during our spring quarter preparatory seminar, but it’s almost unreal to think that soon we’ll be experiencing and researching it ourselves firsthand. What I’m most excited for about my study abroad program in particular is the idea of getting out of the “Ivory Tower” of the university classroom and building our own empirical research and understandings of the social environments.

Our program is comparative. We’ve completed our own field research projects in Seattle, which we will use to contrast to the processes in Amsterdam. I chose to do my project in downtown Seattle on the perceived social order of communities regarding drug use and homelessness.  It was a very compelling and interesting project, and I’m excited for the opportunity to do it all over again in Amsterdam.

We’re studying some pretty controversial things, like sex work and drug laws, so I’m going into this with a wide open mind. I expect it will be very beneficial to do so. Further more, it will be compelling to see how and why the Dutch have decriminalized things that we find socially abhorrent.

Vaarwel voor nu!