Time flies when having fun…or crossing the international date line.

I believe this was supposed to be a “two weeks before leaving” blog post. Whoops. In my defense, the last week has been a whirlwind of finals and moving out. Also as an apology here is a panorama of Beijing from my grandparents’ apartment balcony:

My program in Chengdu, in which I will be learning third year Chinese, begins in three days. Currently I am in Beijing visiting my grandparents and enjoying comfort food. I’m getting my fix of meat-filled steam buns, pài huángguā (拍黄瓜,literally: crushed cucumber), yóu tiáo (油条,deep-fried dough sticks), authentic dumplings eaten together with raw garlic (delicious AND keeps mosquitoes away), and much more that I can’t find in the United States. Pictures coming soon 😉

I have been to China many times before–I even lived here when I was very little–and I am hoping that blogging will help me see everything through fresh eyes. Not that there isn’t anything new to see. It’s been two years since my last visit, and in China, a lot can happen in two years. Just coming from the airport I saw several new apartment complexes and a new IKEA in Beijing’s outskirts (which are further and further out every year). I will also be spending the majority of the summer in Chengdu, a city I’ve only visited a couple times before and never for longer than a week. I’m looking forward to the culture shock!

下次接着聊!  (Until next time!)