Week 1: Unforgettable.

Week one in Rome with the Foster Business Italy program has been nothing short of a great success! I arrived after a week of pre-program travel in Barcelona on Wednesday, June 25th — our flights were delayed because of the French air strike, but we were overjoyed to meet our classmates at our first group dinner, only a little bit late. Our program meets for group dinners once a week; so far we’ve had delicious pasta, bruschetta, deserts, salads, meats and cheeses… I could get used to this!

With other classmates, we have accomplished so much during our first week here — we’ve seen the Pantheon, the Roman Capitol building, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum & Palatine Hill, St. Peter’s Square inside the Vatican City… and in between all of these beautiful landmarks have been unforgettable restaurants and gelato shops that have fueled us for lots of walking. One in particular was Giolitti gelateria, where all of us tasted some of the best, purest flavors we’ve experienced. This past weekend a large group of us traveled to San Marinella beach, about a 45 minute train ride away, where we swam in the warm Mediterranean ocean — this was a perfect break from the hot 80+ weather in crowded Rome.

Throughout what feels like a month-long vacation with great friends has been a learning experience as well; we have class Monday-Thursday from 8:30am-12:30pm studying International Business and Operations Management, so although we could walk about the city 24/7 and still have more to see, studying is a must. We have our first quiz tomorrow — wish us luck!

Tomorrow afternoon we head off to Naples to visit the company Alenia, a supplier of Boeing, which will be a very interesting and informative experience for all of us business students. We then have the privilege to tour Pompeii afterwards and travel in the Amalfi coast following the tour. More stories to come! We are so lucky to have experienced this much so far and cannot wait to see what is in store during our short but awesome program!