It’s not a goodbye, it’s a “See you soon.”


This has been a sad, sad week for me. Coming back from London, adjusting back to America life…well let’s just say, it hasn’t been easy. London has been a city that I have utterly fallen in love with, from the silence in the Tube, to the fantastic way men wear their pants (extremely tailored), to the way English breakfast tea is just another way of life. I cannot imagine living in America again, especially after thee 5 incredible weeks, doing incredible things and meeting incredible people.

I just wanted to say “Ho hey!” to those people who read this blog the entire time I was abroad. I don’t know what I would have done if no one had been reading me.

….Probably would have written anyways, but I want you all to be feel important since I address each post as “Friends.”

But I digress, friends, yes, thank you for following me on my adventures in Europe, it has been an absolute blast, and I know for sure that when I go back to Europe, and have a different blog (I’m thinking “Spain for the Sillies.” Eh?) you’ll be right there with me, laughing at me as I get lost for the 15th time in 2 days.

Let’s just recap what’s great about London, so when you go, you know exactly what to see.

#1 Palaces and castles are fantastic so you need to go every one of them. Except Buckingham because it’s not that cool.

#2 London is a theatre town. Go to a show at least once.

#3 Anything from a great height is wonderful so you better go to the Shard or the Monument (but don’t fall off either).

#4 The Tube is the best invention known to man.

#5 You’re going to get lost.

#6 See #5

Guys, my advice to you if you go to London is this: Get a phone with internet capabilities, because Google Maps becomes your best friend. Once you get that, make sure you have good shoes (never wear heels, Londoners will judge you), don’t smile at people, and order lots of tea.

When do you get lost, laugh about it a lot, and make sure you order a burger and chips at a pub.  With that advice, I’m sure you’ll succeed. Or at least only get lost 10 times a day rather than 20 times like I do.

London. Europe. This isn’t goodbye, it’s see you soon. I’ll be back. Gimme like 2 or 3 years to get money.

Seattle. America. I’m home and I hope your coffee is as good as I remember.

Keep looking out for my words friends! I’m sure they’ll be some funny stories to be happening soon in maybe another blog of mine….?

Until next time, here’s a selfie to keep you happy!

Cheers guys!

-Ariana 🙂