Palaces, Palaces…and did I mention Palaces?


Goodness, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I apologize my friends, my computer has unfortunately been acting up, but I will finish out this European adventure!

Where did we last leave off? Oh yes, Shakespeare’s town and some solid old beaches. I can top that up this time.


I do, and even if you don’t…I still do.

Who digs my photography skills first of all? Also, welcome to Hampton Court Palace, or rather the back of the palace welcoming visitors to the gardens, which I shall show in a moment through pictures. This lovely place was originally built for a favorite of King Henry VIII in the 16th century and was later passed to the king, who then did a whole rebuilding project of the palace buildings.

But enough of the history lesson, this place was gorgeous inside and out. Photos? Allow me, please.

That above photo was of Hampton Court Palace Gardens, which was a gorgeous, gorgeous place, but was also ridiculously hot since it was about 80 degrees that day. Hampton Court Palace though, knows that we people suffer and luckily sold ice cream at a ridiculous high price. I still paid.

Speaking of gardens and palaces, shall I mention the infamous Kensington Palace and Gardens? Another gorgeous place, I refer to Google to show you guys a picture of the exterior since I couldn’t get a proper photo on my great camera I call my cell phone.



Google, props. So this palace has been in the Royal family for years (since the 17th century to be exact) and is a local residence of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Gloucester, and Kent, Prince Harry, and Prince and Princess of Kent. So it’s the real deal.

That is the main grand staircase of Kensington Palace, and other than that, guys, I’m going to tell you you cannot see much of the 14 pounds you pay to go inside. The gardens you are sooo much better at sticking with, as inside the Palace is basically a gallery of clothing and art.

The gardens were beautiful however.

This above photo is what was called the sunken garden of Kensington Palace Gardens and although sunken, I want to say the gardener here deserves an A+. As we can now see, gardens here in the land of England are a pretty big thing. I dig it. Even my host family up in Northern London has a garden with a full on gazebo in their backyard. I think honestly that America  needs to get it together and stop having these huge yards that go for acres that no one uses and get themselves a garden.

Or maybe we should all just move to England. I’m a fan of the latter.

THE LAST PALACE FOR THE DAY! And then a story, because what would my blog be without a creepy tale to ensue.

The one and only Buckingham Palace, folks. This is the iconic.

It’s not my favorite. That’s my opinion though, I think I’m allowed to put my opinion in here right? NO? Ah well, it was built for the queen and…

No, but seriously, it isn’t my favorite. Why? Because although a beautiful piece of architecture, I think there is more grandeur and intricacy in that of Hampton Court and the gardens of Kensington Palace really add a unique touch. Granted, Buckingham is what everyone knows London for so I must oblige you with it.

Historical fact: It is the main workplace and center for the monarchy of the United Kingdom and the state rooms, used for entertaining and such are open to the public each year in August and September.

I’m also just bitter because it was hot when I visited and there was no ice cream. London get it together.

Ugh, well now that visiting all these gorgeous palaces are done…

How many times have I told you all that talking in the Tube (underground metro in case those of us forgot. I forgot every day.) is a huge no-no? Well apparently even the people of London don’t remember their own rules.

As my lovely roommate and I decide to get on the Tube one day, we are down in the underground waiting for our train to come. A man comes up to us and asks us if we’re from the colonies,

#1 what? Do people in Britain really still say that? I’m slightly offended, here I was thinking America was an independent nation.

#2 Why are you talking to me in the Tube?

#3 You’re 50 years old, why are you talking to me in general?

Okay, so these are the 3 thoughts that run through my mind very very quickly as my mind is just a massive machine, and so I answer the man with the very clever reply of “Yes, I think so.” (I don’t really know why I said I thought so. No wonder Brits think Americans are dumb, we don’t even really know where we’re from.)

To my clever reply, he answers, “Do you know how to spell properly? Colour? Favourite?”

My roommate just stares as she cannot understand his thick accent and is in awe that someone in the tube is talking to us. I just stare because why is someone talking to me about my spelling? I won a spelling bee in the 8th grade mate, I ‘ve got my spelling down.

Side note: A lot of Brits in London seem to ask that a lot. If we know how to spell colour and favourite correctly. Obviously I’m doing it the English way in my writing here to be ironic, but my question is, Why does this extra u matter? I don’t get it honestly.

Anyway, I just laugh at the man, hoping he’ll go away. No such luck. Said man goes on a long-winded conversation with us (or with himself really as my replies consisted of head nods and “Yes.”) about how London is too globally diverse and is not “the real England.” He then told us, “You must visit the real England. Dover, for example, where I live, is lovely and rural. You must visit me there.”


Also side note: London is an amazing city because it is globally diverse. We have people from Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Asia, Australia, America..there’s so many different types of people here and it really creates a global community. Don’t listen to this man. This is the real England, there is so much English culture here. You don’t need a farm and a lot of country to experience real England.

This is the moment folks in which we become aware of stranger danger, grab our safety whistles, and back away slowly. Unfortunately, since this was 1 pm in the afternoon in the Tube full of people, I couldn’t really do that without looking like a loon.

So instead I just laughed (My roommate still looks really confused, so just put that in your imagination.) and said that I heard Dover was a lovely town. Luckily I did hear it was a lovely town so at least I didn’t lie.

Thank god the train arrived after that point because my roommate and I booked it on and went far, far away from him. I’m not sure if it’s our sheer beauty that attracts these crazy people, but at this point, I’m just going to accept it, because at least I have weird stories to tell my kids.

Moral of the story folks? Seriously do not talk to people on the Tube. It’s weird. And if people do talk to you, clutch that safety whistle like it’s a donut. If you clutch donuts. If you’re weirdly vegan or something…then it’s like clutching a banana.

Until next time my friends! (Excited for maybe..somee…France?)

-Ariana 🙂