I fell

… fell for Sydney city dearest, that is.

Not hard to do, and in retrospect not unexpected.

I remember distinctly, the knowing smiles and smug nods as I would coolly refute the city’s allure. Hop on a plane, study away a semester in Sydney, [eat a kangaroo or two] and hop on another right back to Seattle. Sure, Australia would be lovely, but Germany was more my thing, weißt du? Anything Europe, s’il vous plaît. Winding streets around cathedrals, bakeries and coffeeshops under buildings whose mysteries mounted with every story up– not the sprawling beaches, the endless sky, the breezy ease.

I thought my resolve was stronger, but it’s abandoned me for the surf as well.

It hasn’t yet been two weeks, but give me Sydney or give me death.

IMG_0860 2The city is large and sprawling; but rather than being stretched thin, every street is brimming. Throughout, it is overrun with art in the most likely and unlikely of places– with the largest, everchanging masterpiece being the population itself, a blatant parade of one of the most diverse arrays of people I’ve seen.

And then, city transitions to nature. It’s a flip of a coin’s difference, but the abrupt change is seamless. The sunsets are unearthly. The forests unrelenting. The stars– well, they unveil themselves here.

Photo cred: John Hering

Two weeks was not at all adequate for making Sydney’s acquaintance; with classes at the University of Sydney having started this week though, taking advantage of all that college life has to offer here as well as the quotidian shenanigans may well be too ambitious an undertaking for the mere semester my visa allows for.

This is a long [or short, rather] road to devastation at the airport gate.

You ruined me so swiftly, Sydney dear.