First weekend in Paris


The starting point to my parisian journey.

Since arriving, I have done and seen so much, but I am in no hurry to stop exploring. My first weekend in Paris was the perfect introduction to the city, thanks to my friend Emily who played the part of my tour guide! She had just spent about six weeks as an au pair right outside of the city, so she knew Paris well. In addition to her knowing lots of things for us to do, she also taught me how to be a pro on the metro! We spent three days exploring together, and this post will detail a few of the highlights from that first weekend!



We decided to meet at the Basilique du Sacré Cœur in the Montmartre area of Paris.  After climbing the 270 steps to the top, I found Emily and we went inside!


After checking out the basilica, we decided to walk around the perimeter and see the sights as they came. Montmartre is a charming area of Paris, and I hope to spend a couple more afternoons strolling it’s streets before I head back to Seattle.


We found our way into a café for lunch, where we both had tartines. Tartines are open-faced sandwiches topped with spreadable ingredients that are classically French and delicious! I had salmon and she had goat cheese. The cafe had a dog lounging around inside, so all in all I’d say it was a great spot for lunch!


As we continued wandering, we strolled past my favorite bridge, the Pont Alexandre III. It’s known for being ornate and extravagant, and it really is a jaw dropper! The bridge was inaugurated for the 1900 Universal Exhibition in Paris, making it somewhat “young” in a city full of history that dates back much further.



On our second day in the city, Emily and I continued on in a leisurely manner. We went to the Square Du Vert Galant, a small park on the tip of the Île de la Cité where one can relax and watch the boats go by.


We spotted the pop up beach, Paris Plages, and got a kick out of the sunbathers who seemed to think they were actually vacationing on the Mediterranean! While watching what was going on below us at the “beach,” we noticed a sign advertising dinner cruises and we couldn’t resist. While the food was pretty average, the views were extraordinary.



After being brainwashed by the tower on the boat ride, we headed there next to see good ‘ol Eiffel put on a sparkly show. It was also my first time ever going up the tower!




My third day in Paris was my first day of class, which started with breakfast at a Café right next to the Notre Dame! Right after we fueled up on coffee and croissants, we ascended the tower! The climb consisted of 387 steps up a very small spiral staircase, with amazing views of Paris as the reward. I met back up with Emily after class and we got crepes and watched on the Champ de Mars while waiting for the sun to set and for the tower to sparkle once again. I am so glad that my arrival overlapped with Emily’s last few days in Paris. It was a really fantastic weekend that reminded me of why so many people dream of visiting the City of Light.