Arriving in Rome!

My name is Katy and I grew up in a very small town in eastern Washington. I am 20 years old and I haven’t traveled much at all, especially outside of the United States. I am an adventurous person, but at the same time going out and doing new things is absolutely terrifying for me. This will be the farthest away from home I will be, especially for any sort of extended time.

Traveling here was rough. Since this was my first large trip on a plane I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I had a window seat (but that doesn’t really matter when most of your flight is over an ocean.) The seat I was in was against a wall so I couldn’t lean back, which wouldn’t have been a problem, except that the woman in front of me had her seat all the way back in my lap. I was planning to read for class on the plane, but having a seat in my lap made that nearly impossible. So, this afternoon I will be trying to read what I will need to before class this week.

The exhaustion from the lack of sleep last night has made this an even greater adventure. Leaving the airport and getting to my apartment felt like I wasn’t even there. I just want to sleep, but since I have class in the morning that is not an option, yet. Adjusting to the time is already shaping up to be difficult. It is only 14:00 and I am ready for bed.

Driving into the city from the airport was amazing. I had a car pick me up, because I had no idea how to get anywhere any other way. It is amazing to see the history and present of the city all mesh together into one big place. The buildings all have so much character. The streets are a little scary because people just kind of go wherever they feel like and whenever but I don’t think it will be that hard to get used to.

The Rome Center is a gorgeous building. Tomorrow and Sunday we are going to spend time adventuring around the area and checking things out so, more to come on that. I will say that when they said there would be stairs to the check in, I didn’t expect three flights. I opted to leave my luggage at the bottom.

To get to my apartment I took a taxi, and I think taxi drivers are absolutely crazy. There were so many times I thought we were going to wreck, I just stopped paying any attention to it. He was really nice though, helped me find the right door and everything.

The apartment is nice. Right now there are four of us assigned to this apartment (only 2 here now) but there are only three beds, so we will have to see how that works out later tonight.

I am still a little nervous as to what is to come later on the trip but mostly excited! Tomorrow, we have a little Italian class in the morning and some adventuring around the area! Pictures to come in later posts (because I was too distracted coming in to take any… oops.)