Meet Gregory on AES China.

Gregory III SmithHello my name is Gregory Smith III and I am going to be visiting one of the oldest civilizations in the world, China. As you might have read if you saw my ‘About Me’, I am focusing on ethnic mythology. So it is great that I have the opportunity to learn somewhat of the cultures stories and beliefs. Also I think that when I go on this trip I will open a new doorway for my families and my own future generations. None of my parents have been that far out of the country before and it was not really feasible at an early age that I would ever get the chance to go away even though I boasted of traveling the world at a young age.

My expectations for this trip is actually very hard to say. I could just give you the basics and say that it will be a culture shock, new food, new people. But my expectations are that I will get scared, I am really expecting to be uncomfortable an above average amount of time. This is my biggest expectation, because this just incorporates everything that will help me grow as a person, and if you feel comfortable you are not growing. I am especially looking forward to crossing a very high up rope bridge, higher than even the tree houses. The real scary part for me though is that when you start crossing the bridge, you cannot turn back.

My main reasons for wanting to study abroad is first I want to be able to gloat about it for about a year, second I feel that once I do this my perspective on the world will be different, and finally I want to see what it’s like to be a foreign person, to see how mannerisms and how different the culture is there. I want to see, feel, smell, taste, and hear the different experiences that some people dream about experiencing.

Though I want to be scared and pushed outside of my comfort my parents (mostly my mother and step-mother) are very worried about me. They think that this is great opportunity and would be bummed at me if I did not go but, it’s a place none of my family has been before so the mystery of the land is what is most frightening. You can study and hear about a place all your life but if you never go there it is like it is on another planet. Such as my friends, they are super psyched about me going and they say they want to hear all about it, so that gives my first reason for studying abroad a good to go, the rest is all up to me and how much I really want to experience the culture.