Plane Food, Ice Crystals and Hong Kong 7-11 Oh My.

I woke up and was ready to face the world, everything was going smoothly, the plane ride was nice and there was even complimentary movies, music, and games. Food also was complimentary but I should not have kept my hopes up high for the meal. It was something to put in the stomach but the black sauce that I still cannot exactly say what kind it was, was unfortunately a real bummer on my poor taste buds. As I look to my right at my neighbor’s meal I wish that I had chosen beef instead of chicken. Though I cannot completely say I was dissatisfied I was really grateful for the food and the customer service, while not extraordinary, it was pleasant and very much appreciated.


As the flight was plowing ahead above the cumulus I notice these beautiful ice crystals that has formed on my window. Yes it is not particularly amazing but for me I thought that everything that happened on this flight was an amazing experience. These were not only ice crystals formed from the high atmosphere, these were my first international ice crystals. It was like the cramp I had in my rear from sitting too long. It was no ordinary butt cramp for sure, it was one that I will remember having on my first adventure. Also I like to get artistic with some of these pictures so that it is not so touristy, but I actually try finding specific uniquities that are found throughout this great country.


Now finally the time that we got to the hotel, I had only hoped that it would go as smoothly as the flight because we were all wearing the same shirts. Unfortunately that was not to be the case, do not get me wrong, it was in no way an ordeal to go through. But it was interesting that we had to fit into this tiny elevator not knowing how any of the buttons work feeling a little silly but happy none the less to have the experience. After packing up all the stuff I decided to grab some friends and check around to see what the neighborhood was like. I was still not feeling the effects of 24+ hours of lack of sleep so I put my young body to work to hang out with some friends to find a quick snack. Even though I was prepared to see everything different for some reason it hasn’t really set in that I am thousands of miles away from home. So instead of seeing a loaded dorito (yuck by the way) I saw skewered fish balls and other foods that I had no idea would be on a 7-11 menu. This was only the first day and I am excited for tomorrow where I will be going to a museum with the group. So stay tuned for that.

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