Ta Ta For Now Hong Kong

But We Were Just Getting To Know Each Other

Last night was our last night in Hong Kong. We’ve been here for a week and I was just getting used to the craziness and the heat. Also I finally mastered how to say “excuse me” and thank you in Cantonese! I’ve come to love the mix of cultures and the busy people rushing around the lively city. We’ve done so much this past week. From landmarks, to theme parks, and many museums along the way, we made the most of everyday and kept busy. I never thought I’d get to come to Hong Kong and I’m happy I can say I’ve experienced a city so unique and famous. I’ve learned so much from my time here, more than I thought possible, in the best way. I hope to return again someday, hopefully someday when it’s not the hottest time of the year! But since You Only Live Once, and I may never come back, a couple of girls and I decided to go all out for dessert time.

Say Yes to the Dessert

After we did some “packing”, we snuck on out to a dessert cafe a couple blocks from our hotel. It’s called Sweet Tooth Dessert and Deli House. It’s so cute inside and the desserts look amazing. We picked some that sounded yummy and shared four delicious sweets between us.

First up is the ice cream sundae. But this no ordinary sundae. It has green tea and vanilla ice cream separated by sesame seed wafers, all covered in red beans and jelly. This piece is the perfect blend of Asian sweets.


Next we have, the shaved ice. This shaved ice is special because it is mango flavored and shaped as if it’s a real mango sliced up. This piece also features coconut jelly. A couple of my partners claimed this dish as their fav and say it’s a must have. So fruity and refreshing!Yamamoto_3_5

Next we have a cake! This chocolate cake is layered with heavenly cream and topped with strawberries. The cake has the perfect texture and just the right amount of crunch. The cake is the ideal dessert at the end of a dinner.


The last one, is my selection. I’m a sucker for classical creme bruelle! I love digging in the burned cream and tasting the crush. Not many places make it prefect, but I’m happy to share Sweet Tooth nails this one.


Conclusion: Sweet Tooth is a must see for dessert lovers in HK; share with your friends and get a variety! What a fab way to end our stay!