A Grand Tour of The Vatican

This past Friday, I visited one of the places Rome is known for, actually that Italy is known for: Vatican City!Dart_3_3

It was literally one of the most beautiful, amazing places I have been to in Rome yet. Everywhere I went, I was surrounded by beautiful artwork. I saw so many famous sculptures and paintings. I even saw beautiful tapestries that I don’t even know how someone could have possibly made them. There was Greek artwork as well, which surprised me because I thought I would just be seeing Italian artwork, but I learned what an influence Grecian art was on Italian artists.

I took so many pictures, literally over a hundred, but I was not allowed to take any in what was my favorite place: the Sistine Chapel, home of Michelangelo’s famous piece: The Last Judgment. Words cannot even describe the beauty! The entire time I was there, I was mesmerized. You could literally sit there for an entire day and not get tired of looking at the masterpiece, or even take in all of the detail and beauty. The entire time I was there, I could not believe I was in the Sistine Chapel, where so many famous people had walked before me, where Michelangelo himself painted in this very room. To see The Last Judgment with my own two eyes is an experience I will never forget.

While it was an amazing experience to tour Vatican City, and we did actually go through all of it, it was an exhausting experience as well. It was 6 hours of walking, and I’m honestly not sure how I did it. We didn’t get there until about 2:30-3 pm, not knowing that the last entry was at 4 pm. By a stroke of luck, there was a private tour guide (which I was a little uneasy about at first) who told us they could get us in and see everything, stay until 7, with commentary on all of the amazing work, for 20 euro. I was with a group of 4 other girls, and seeing that we had come all the way down here, we thought it was a good deal. I was a little worried it was some sort of scam at first, but everything they said came true! And the explanations/commentary of the tour guide was actually really interesting and helpful (cause I wouldn’t have known half of the stuff I was looking at to be honest). While it was a little expensive, it was really helpful and a good experience, for all of us.

I went to the Vatican about 3 days ago, so it isn’t so fresh in my mind, and this is about all I got, aside from a ton of pictures. So I will go ahead and post those now, and you can look at what I saw!

Dart_3_1 Dart_3_2 Dart_3_4 Dart_3_5