Gaining weight in Xiamen

Am I getting fat? Probably

Last night was our final night in Xiamen, so of course we had to eat everything our stomachs could handle. Over the course of this week, we’ve been enjoying the cheap street food, but last night was our first free night to really explore! For myself, I got a fresh mango, cut up and served to me. I absolutely love the fruit here! It’s much sweeter and and just overall better tasting! Only ten RMB (china money). My next stop was my beloved bubble tea! Also very cheap at 10 RMB, and I ordered it for myself in Mandarin! I’m so happy they actually understand me, my accent must really suck… And then I still felt a little hungry so I helped myself to some squid on a stick! Three for ten! Again super cheap. They make it fresh right in front of you too. The guy making it asked me a question and of course I stared at him blankly for a moment before just saying yes out of embarrassment. Wrong! Don’t do that! He bathed my poor squid with chili powder. I had to wipe it off with a napkin; I’m pretty sure they were enjoying a laugh at my expense. It was great, but my lips and gums still burned all night. Spicy… It hurt so good.

But wait there’s more!

My friends also got adventurous and tried most of the food available. One had an oyster omelette with lettuce and a special sauce. It was tempting watching it made ready to order in front of us. Also lots of seafood and meat on a stick! Some looking sketcher than others… Beware of food poisoning! It’s real; ask my classmates for the deets. Regardless, throughout the week I also ate some really good dishes.

Look out for:
– fried crab and shrimp

– fruit on a stick covered in a light syrup

– fresh fruit smoothies
– giant squid on a stick


Basically everything’s bomb. Just follow the locals, and try to use Mandarin to get the best price.

Boba is life

It’s no secret bubble tea has consumed my life, so take me serious when I say, I found the best bubble tea place ever! It’s this place called Crazy Bee. Why was it so delicious? Well, of course there’s the typical creamy tea and supple pearls, but beyond that they are just so darn nice and cute! They even put the straw in your drink. They wait for you to try it and are so so so happy when you love it, which you will. The best part is you can customize it. You can have full sugar, half sugar, less than half sugar, or no sugar. Also you can choose regular ice, more ice, less ice, warm, or hot temperature. Personally, I got less than half sugar with light ice for only 15 RMB. I think next time I’ll try no sugar with regular ice. It’s too hot for light ice. Sad to just meet and say goodbye so soon! Easily the best boba yet!

Conclusion: When hungry in Xiamen, be adventurous and smart. Things are different, but so cheap it’s fun to try it all! Don’t pick things that aren’t popular or clean looking. And seek out Crazy Bee for superior milk tea with tapioca.

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