Praying to Buddha: Nanputuo temple

This place is huge!

Today we decided to go to another temple, Nanputuo temple! Alongside us were our new bffs from Xiamen University. Both the UW and Xiamen students have become fast friends. I really love talking to them and getting to know them and their stories. At first glance, I am instantly amazed! The temple is gorgeous! So many complicated and beautiful roofs and pillars! The architecture was amazing! There was even a large pond that had turtles! The locals would feed the turtles bread and they would swarm it in a giant pile on the water. There were many people visiting and it was such a great atmosphere to see people giving respect at the many shrines.


Surprise hike

We all took turns bowing our heads and going through the procedure. We donated to receive our incense. We knelt and bowed and then placed our incense in the bowl. We explored the vast temple and it’s many staircases. Knowing we wanted to see all the temple had to offer, our professor suggested that we go to the very peak to see a special temple. So a group of us decided to climb to the peak while the rest took a break and looked around some more in the lower land. And man, let’s just say in glad I brought water!


Sweat. Sweat. Sweat.

The stairs were steep and made of stone. We were lucky to get some shade from the trees, but the hike was hot!! I’m glad I wore my comfortable hiking sandals, my precious Tevas! The whole ordeal probably took about an hour including our breaks. It reminded me of an actual hike that I do for exercise, and I thought to myself “why did I wear a dress today?!” Beside it being tiring and hot, it was really fun! I feel like the group that decided to go bonded and the view was amazing! The temple was beautiful and we all felt so accomplished! Our friends from Xiamen University told us that although they have been to the temple many times, they’ve never been to the top, and I could imagine why! I’m glad to mix exercise with exploring.

Conclusion: It was a great time exploring the temple. I’m glad we got the opportunity to hike, pray, and bond with each other and the Chinese students from Xiamen U.

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