Is This Vacation?

Yamamoto_8_2 Yamamoto_8_1Much Needed TLC

Have you ever walked the entire region of southern China? Well, neither have I, but sometimes it feels like we’re trying to! We’ve been “roughin’ it” at some of the hotels we’ve slept in. We’ve walked far and long hours, in the endless hot humidity! And now we’ve finally made it to our first (and definitely not our last) hot spring! This morning we left our hotel in Sun Yat-sen University and drove just under two hours to our new place, Valley View: Aqua Resort. Fancy, I know right? As soon as we walk in, I already know it’s nice because there’s a lobby that actually fits all 20 something of us! It’s even air conditioned and has a restroom. Perks! Our rooms are complete with enough space for my bags and a shower that does get the toilet wet! I’m definitely taking a bubble bath tonight in the giant tub. But the real reason we came is not for the fancy shmancy accommodations; we came for the hot springs!

I Think I’m Going to Faint

To get to the hot springs , we walk across the street to the shuttle. A shuttle comes every 30ish minutes and it takes about 5 minutes to get to the hot springs. Once inside the locker room, it is absolute that this is the nicest place you’ll ever swim in. They even have people walking around giving you water. I mean, I don’t know what they’re saying but they seem so cute, I like them anyway! Showers, sauna, chilled face towels, cute slippers and robes to wear, you name it! We walk up to the aqua room to find the most beautiful pool area, straight ahead, and a walkway to the hot springs, on the right. My classmate and I spend about 5 minutes in each of them, walking further and further down the path. The further you walk down the path, the hotter the each hot spring gets. Each hot spring has a name, a theme, and a function. It’s really fun. For example they’re called wine pool or green tea pool, and their function will be beauty and skin conditions, or heart health and blood circulation. It was really relaxing and very different from a hot tub. I went into one of the hotter ones too fast and I thought I was going to faint. My heart was beating out of my chest and my head ached. They weren’t kidding when they said be careful! Hot springs are a foreign practice, to me.

Have You Ever Been in a Hot Spring?

Well, I have once. But it was in Canada and it didn’t really have any rules or rituals. The resort we’re staying at takes their hot springs very seriously, which is good! It’s more fun that way! Here’s some tips if you’ve never been in one.

How To Be a Pro Hot-springer:

– Shower before
This is sacred water, don’t dirty it up. And clean skins soaks in the most minerals!

– Go in slowly
This is a lot for your body, so take your time! It’s hot!

– Don’t stay in too long
You’ll begin to feel sick, the opposite of what you want. There is too much of a good thing. 15 minutes max should do it!

– Be respectful
Sometimes peoples are naked. Look them in the eyes, if you must look at them. Keep talking to a minimum. Insert more common sense.

– Steam/sauna after
Let your pores open and really take in all the minerally goodness. Again 15 minutes max.

– Shower again
The minerals are well in your system by now, and you probably sweated a lot.

Conclusion: We’re really having fun and enjoying ourselves in Guangzhou. We’re finally settling down and I love it! Hot springs are magical. Can’t wait for more!

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