Rain, Rain, Go Away

The Hawaii of China

This is not quite what I had in mind. To end our trip, we were supposed to be living it up in Hainan! Hot spring and beaches for days! This is an island, like Hawaii. It shares the same laid back feel and the beautiful beaches as the Hawaii we know and love in America. And just like my recent trip to Hawaii this summer, I’m stuck in another hurricane! In China, we call them typhoons. So of course, all the stores are closed along with our hotel pool. No going to the beach and swimming for us! I’m disappointed we won’t be able to experience Hainan the way I hoped. But even if the weather did permit, I don’t think I would choose to vacation in Hainan over Hawaii. I see how Hainan is like Hawaii to the people of China. It’s cleaner than the main land and it’s more laid back. But honestly the beaches don’t really compare. Before the typhoon hit, we had a couple days of sunshine and the water over here doesn’t seem as swimable as what I’m used to. The water color is somewhat murky, along with the sky. Also although the air is very clean for China’s standards, my air standards are pretty different coming from our lush Seattle air. Overall, Hainan is a very cool place, but still doesn’t compare to Hawaii, in my eyes. Maybe my opinion would be different if it wasn’t raining buckets?

So What’s There to Do When it Pours?

When life gives you typhoons, have an adventure! The weather is pretty bad. We tried going to the mall, but it quickly closed down all the shops. In our hotel, the wind was howling really loudly! We’re on the 25th floor and it sounded like a wolf or a child screaming. The power went out a couple of times and the streets are rapidly becoming flooded. The water is running low at the grocery stores. The people of the city seem to be doing a good job putting the place back together. They are actively mopping the water away and putting up support beams. I really hope we’re all going to be okay. Today we when to Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park. Of course it was pouring, so the tour guide asked to see who wanted to go and who wanted to wait in the bus. About half of us adventurous types ventured out of the bus. We had to pay either way, so I wanted the experience. We got into an open air, but thankfully roofed, golf cart type car and road it to the top of the mountain. It took about 10 minutes, and it was so fun! Our driver was very crazy and we sped us up the trail making everyone hold tight. We were all half laughing and half crying, as the water whipped our faces on every turn. At the top, it was so misty and foggy, we could hardly see anything. We took a couple minutes to look around and take some pictures, huddled under our umbrellas, before heading back to the cart. Tons of other tourist were also at the mountain, despite the weather. They were all covered in ponchos and umbrellas. The shops and stores at the top, we’re actually open, although they looked abandoned. Overall it was a really funny experience. I’m happy I decided to go out in the typhoon instead of staying on the tour bus.

Conclusion: This is the opposite of what was planned, but we’re making the most of it. I hope the storm will die and down and we’ll all be safe with no flight delays. School starts soon and I do not want to be stuck here!photo 1 (1) photo 3 (1) photo 4 (1) photo 2 (1) photo 5 (1)