It is as beautiful as you heard

The perceptions we have, or at least that of mine and those around me, on Paris are quite romantic. We are all aware of the famous nicknames of Paris: The City of Love and The City of Light (La Ville-Luminere). From “Amelie” to “Midnight in Paris”, I have imagined and formed an image of the city as a place to love and to be loved. Although I hate to make such a cliché comment, I must say that there is a reason why it is known as a romantic city. Actually, more than a reason but several.

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It is not a stretch to say that Instagram is certainly made for Paris. Snap a picture on any street, from any angle, on any time of the day and you will have an insta-worthy result. I wish I had a personal photographer to follow me around, like a paparazzi, to photograph every moment I spend in Paris. I must admit and apologize that I have been asking my roommate and other friends to take a picture for me. But, what can I say. Every second is photograph worthy and the pictures will become solid links to bring me back to precious moments after the program ends.

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Monuments, Monuments, Monuments. When you are in Paris, you better pay attention to every building you see as you walk down the streets. The chances are that you may encounter historically valued architectures, not just the famous Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame, or Arc de Triumph, in every arrondissement you walk into. You will be amazed how often you will find yourself in a historical spot without even planning. This happens to me almost everyday. There is L’eglise St. Germain des Pres and Les Deux Magots right next to where I am having the classes. Going to class means walking into the historical site. Moreover, the buildings that are not historically significant are still aesthetically significant. Enjoy the view.

Since Les Deux Magot is up for the topic, it is a famous cafe where the artists and intellectuals were gathered. For example, there were Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso. There is also Cafe de Flore where , and Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. These cafes now have annual literary prize to reward youthful authors.

From Orsay to Orangerie, I cannot talk enough about the great museums in Paris. I want go into details about the museums because I am going to dedicate an entire post, if not more than one, to tell you all about them. Going to Louvre after classes on Fridays can never go wrong.

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Last but not least, if you get sick of the pollution, the traffics, and the crowds, there are beautiful parks to get away. Luxembourg Garden is my favorite so far.

Au revoir!