Antes del primer día

¡¡Hola todos!!

Still not on the flight nor at the airport BUT I am near the airport and ready to cross over to get on that plane. After hours of packing (and unpacking and packing again) I thing I finally got the suitcases packed correctly. At this moment, I’m feeling a little mentally drained, going through plans and checking (and double checking…noticing a pattern?), can get a little exhausting. But the excitement I’m feeling to headout and land in Spain is also keeping me awake and active.

I still have a couple hours to go before airborne time and I can say that the hours leading up to it have been great! I hung out with the family a little beforehand and now I’m getting to know one of my group members well. She is simply the coolest person you will ever meet, it’s okay to be a little jealous ;P. We’re both creating blogs and since we are picture-takers, expect some pretty breath-taking photos.

That is all for now. I will write again soon, but since I will be a bit busy with school and exploring it may not be too often. Hopefully a couple of times a week.

Hasta pronto,

Yoselyn ♥