Cairo Bound and Turned Around

And we’re off! I left Portland, Oregon headed for Cairo, Egypt yesterday (right now its 9:30 at night in Cairo on the 28th, I left the 27th at 7am from PDX). My flights took me to Seattle, then to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, then to Cairo. To anyone interested in flying Emirates, I would highly recommend it. They have excellent service, serve you more food than you can eat (and not gross airplane food), have plug ins at each seat and a million movies to choose from. However, I did get extremely bored on my 14 hour flight to Dubai.


Landing in Cairo was quite interesting, as I had previously spent time looking at maps of the city. I knew that the airport was in the northeast corner of the city, near Heliopolis.

Side bar: Heliopolis was once named On, and was dedicated to the sun god Ra. Today all that remains of ancient On is an obelisk that still stands in is original place.

However, in the topsy-turvy science that is landing an airplane, I got turned around and couldn’t tell Maadi from Zamalek. After landing, I breezed through customs and headed to the car waiting for me. I was then unceremoniously dumped at the “Pepsi” security gate at the American University in Cairo. This is where I will be living and studying for the next four months. After settling into my temporary room (I can move into my real one tomorrow), I set about hooking up to WiFi to contact my mother and then explored campus.

At night, campus is lovely and more than lives up to my expectations. There are tall modern building built in a tan colored stone, with trees and fountains dispersed. I came across a covered area that was a rusty red color, and then wandered on to explore the far end.