First week in London!

Hello everyone!

So, the first week of my stay in London is already over! Time went by so fast. The flight arriving into Heathrow was so surreal, I just couldn’t believe I was actually IN London. It felt like a dream. Not-so thankfully, I woke up from my dream when I received the price of my taxi fair from Heathrow to my dorm room… It was about 55 dollars EACH for 3 people. Ouch. First day and I could already see why London is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Thankfully, I get along really well with all of my exploration seminar classmates. We all went sight-seeing together throughout the week. We’ve gone to Tower Bridge, Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Picadilly Circus, and several other famous sites over the past few days. So far, I’d have to say St. Paul’s is my favorite site that I’ve visited so far. The architecture is stunning, but the site isn’t as crowded as many other tourist attractions are around here. If you go, you MUST climb to the roof of St. Paul’s. It costs a few pounds, surprisingly you have to pay to enter famous churches in London, but it is absolutely worth it. The view is amazing and hiking up 500 steps of stairs really does help promote group bonding. I’m hoping to visit Big Ben, Westminster, and the London Eye sometime this week.


As for my program, it’s focused on studying how businesses are utilizing technology to accomplish their goals in today’s digital landscape. This week we visited several companies, including Lloyd’s of London, Confederation of British Industry, and 3DPrintUK. I love the way my program is structured, since instead of lectures we just visit companies every day. As a result, I feel like I’ve gotten to see a lot more of London that way, instead of just being stuck in a classroom for 3 hours a day. So far, my favorite company visit by far was for the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), which is the leading business lobbying group within the UK. CBI employees were clearly passionate about their jobs, and one of our guest speakers works in my ideal field, which is marketing and corporate communications. It was a fantastic opportunity for me to learn more about my chosen career, and I really enjoyed listening to the insights he had to offer.

So, overall my time in London has been fantastic so far. I hope to go to Hyde Park this week and take some more photos for you all as well, since it’s absolutely beautiful there.



Best wishes from across the pond,