Week 2 of London!

Hello everyone!

First of all, let me apologize for the flood of blog posts that are about to hit you. My tablet was glitching almost the entire trip, so it made it almost impossible to publish any blog posts until I got back. Awh, the joys of studying abroad! Anyway, here’s my blog post for week 2:

This week was busy for all of us in the program, we visited multiple companies that have connections in Seattle. For example, we visited Amazon, Expedia, and F5 Networks. We also visited the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and had an interesting conversation about British trade policy and American politics. A British politician even asked about our thoughts on the presidential election, and what we thought about Clinton and Trump, which was interesting. All in all, it was quite the eventful week. Even in the evenings, we had events scheduled. On Thursday, we had an alumni networking event, where we had the opportunity to network with alumni who live or work in London. It was a great opportunity to receive advice about our future careers and what we should do if we want to move to London.


Outside of the program, I did some more sightseeing with my classmates, which was amazing. We finally saw Big Ben and even toured Westminster Abbey, which is surprisingly right next door. I had a minor meltdown when I saw the grave of Laurence Olivier, one of the great British actors who was buried at Westminster, next to a memorial for William Shakespeare. It just felt so surreal, seeing the graves of two icons who I admire tremendously right next to each other. Besides Westminster, I witnessed the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace and browsed through the luxurious goods available at Harrods, which were all very posh.


Besides the tourist sites, I feel like I am really starting to get to know the real London. I have met some of the locals and am even starting to learn the Tube by heart. London is surprisingly easy to navigate and there’s so many cool places to explore. London has so many little corners, tiny shops, and pop-up markets. It’s so different from the U-District and Seattle, where I feel like I know many of the places by heart. In London, it seems like even the locals haven’t seen the whole city. London truly is a metropolis, and I’m loving my time here. Now I’m off to explore some places!

Best wishes from across the pond,