When You Least Expect It



I don’t really remember much of last week except Thursday through Sunday.  I normally have a great memory, but this week was all a blur.  I have been so busy with school, assignments and trying to get everything done amongst life happening.  The weeks are flying by, and yesterday it was a month since I left Hawai’i for Edinburgh.  One third of my exchange is already done and I’m glad life and time are both moving forward.

On Thursday, my mom called me at 6am Scotland time to let me know a friend from my high school had passed away just a few hours earlier.  I’d grown up with him from the time I was in pre-school.  Everyone from my hometown is just in shock and we are such a tight community.  It’s weird being away from Hawai’i and going through a loss.  I feel so disconnected because I’m living this new life so far away.  It’s also really overwhelming receiving very direct messages asking how he passed away or why he died- which is not something I want to think or talk about.  I really wish I could be at the funeral this week, but I’m glad my mom will be representing our family there.  I feel like a different person since it happened.  I feel the need to spend more time with relatives and friends in Hawai’i and perhaps having a longer stay at home this coming summer.  It’s really made me think about how life is so precious and we are so lucky to be living, breathing and for me at this time- traveling the world.

Following this day, I was woken up by blasting music at 3am that night by the person who lives above me in my dorm.  Running on barely any sleep did not help.  I certainly missed my peaceful apartment in Seattle and cannot wait to go back to living that lifestyle which gives me a lot more independence and freedom to do my own thing.

We left for Aberdeen on Saturday to escape Edinburgh for the day.  Aberdeen is a little town in the North of Scotland.  It’s not a great tourist destination being so small, but we did get to explore a pretty castle called “Dunnottar Castle” on the way there which was a lot of fun.  Dunnottar Castle was in the country and overlooked the water, so I got some great pictures and much needed fresh air.  There were also a lot of rolls of hay in fields surrounding the area, which I thought was really interesting and cool!  I’d never seen rolls of hay before- only haystacks.

I spent Sunday running errands and studying.  I have Mondays off of school, but I have a lot of independent work and assignments to complete weekly that pile up fast.  So I am spending today (Monday) also studying and getting work done with my Aussie friend in the school library.  I am so thankful I have her.  Living abroad is a challenge and it’s great having a friend here who understands what it’s like to go through it.

I’m really excited to come home and be with my family again.  There is no place like my tiny hometown and Hawai’i in general.  I miss my family and friends.  Traveling the world is fun and a new experience.  I think everyone should do it at some point in their lives.  But I’m so thankful I’ll always have my home base to come back to.  I cannot live in Britain forever nor do I personally want to.  It’s a great place, but it has definitely shown me the value of what I have at home and in Seattle.  I am really fortunate to be here and have this opportunity because it’s shown me where my heart is.