Can’t Fight This Feeling

Megan in Edinburgh


It’s been a wonderful journey being abroad this quarter.  Unbelievably, today marks 3 months since I arrived in Edinburgh.  Experiencing the United Kingdom has shown me the true value of my life, what it means to be happy and more about myself!  Tomorrow I have my first exam for Russian language.  And yes, it’s on a Saturday… but I’m almost at the finish line!

Life moves in only one direction:  forward.  In all my anticipation of coming home and moving on with my life from my time in Edinburgh, these are things I’m most excited about being able to do when I return to my life in the United States of AMERICAAAA!  🙂

Being in Hawai’i (…Coming home!) ❤

Taking a break in Hilo is refreshing!  While there’s not a whole lot of buzz in my tiny hometown, that’s exactly what I need and want for a while.  It’s always a culture shock when I return to Hilo from wherever I’ve been at, but it’s always comforting and a relaxing time.  I’ll be busy in the short amount of time I have there by seeing family and life-long friends who I always have a good time with.  Spending Christmas with my family is the highlight of my holiday and trip home every December!

Returning to my UW family!  ❤

I’m so ready to spend real, quality time with my UW family without looking through a screen on Skype, typing on messenger or answering an e-mail!  I’m super excited to catch up, hang out & enjoy being with everyone in person again!  UW fam, pull out your schedules, because it’s time to plan stuff to do!  🙂

Being Active in the UW Community Again!!!

I’m the Secretary of the Pre-Law Society on campus and have been running the club’s e-mail and social media accounts from Edinburgh, as well as helping coordinate the annual Law School Fair.  But I’m stoked to be able to actually physically be there and more involved with what’s going on!  It’ll also be nice to go to Russian Conversation Table again, as well as Russian film nights and finally be able to attend meetings for the fraternity and honor society I am a part of.

Fun Winter Quarter Classes (Dance & Russian)

I’m also excited to be nearly finished with my Dance- Creative Studies major this winter.  I’ll be taking a Teaching Methods class, as well as a Senior Seminar course in the dance department.  After all these years of dancing in college, it’s exciting to see myself finally finishing the degree.  I also can’t wait to be back with my Russian classmates!  We had a fun summer taking intensive Russian before I left for Edinburgh and became close through it!  It’ll be so nice to be back with them and meet new faces too!  🙂  I love our Slavic Department at UW, and it is truly home.

Living in My Very Own Apartment… Finally!  🙂

After three and a half long years of dealing with living on campus, I am finally moving into my very own apartment off-campus!  YAY for independence!  🙂  It’s finally happening and I’m more than ready for this much needed change for the better.  The dorms bore me and no longer fit my lifestyle, so it’s great to finally be able to have my own space and do my own thing!  I look forward to decorating my place with pink & Hello Kitty, not mention improving my cooking skills.  😉  Plus, it also means I’m having a homecoming party of course!  🙂

My New Job!  😀

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be working a new job on-campus at UW upon my return in the winter!  I’m so thrilled to begin this wonderful opportunity and to be part of such a wonderful team on-campus!

Hearing American Accents 24/7… Yes, please.

Sometimes people try to imitate a British accent if they’re not British, but I wouldn’t waste my time trying to put on an act.  The American accent is my own accent, plus really attractive, and I can’t wait to hear it 24/7!  And of course, talk pidgin at home!  😛

Taking Public Transportation in Seattle!  😛

Seattle has an amazing public transportation system that is free (included in your tuition as a UW student) and even takes you practically anywhere outside the city!  It’s also much faster and convenient than the transportation system here in Edinburgh.  Seattle moves at a lightning-speed pace, which Edinburgh lacks and I really miss!  I love a progressive city where everyone is focused on where they’re going- and that’s definitely Seattle.

The Little Things That Mean So Much ^_^

…like finally trying Din Tai Fung in U Village (the one thing I didn’t get to do this summer!), drinking my favorite Peach Bellinis at Earl’s in Bellevue, going to happy hours with Russian buddies after long days of school, and being able to study in Suzzallo and Odegaard just because I can.  I just Skyped with friends last weekend, and one of them was in Odegaard at the time we talked.  The University of Edinburgh is such a gray school, so seeing color on the walls in Odegaard made me so happy and excited to get my study on there!  🙂

I am so happy and fortunate to be going home to my family and UW family very soon.  Studying abroad for 1 quarter was perfect, and a year would have been way too long to be away from all the blessings in my life.  I am truly blessed to have such an amazing, full, vibrant life with such great people, a wonderful, world-class university (UW) in a beautiful, progressive city (Seattle).  It’s all I could ever ask for.

I can’t believe I did it:  I came to Scotland all on my own.  It’s been a roller coaster, but was worth it in the end and I’m off of it.  I am overwhelmed with joy to admit that my life in Seattle and Hawai’i is an everyday vacation!  Thank you to everyone in my life who has been nothing but supportive along my journey.  See you in the 808 and 206 so very soon!  🙂  A hui hou!  ❤