Family and City Tour


It’s been two days since I’ve written for the blog and a lot has happened already. On Wednesday I spent the day with my host family just hanging out and we ran some errands like going to the grocery store where they insisted to buy me anything I wanted–I told them only the nutella so I could have something that actually tastes the same as home. I met both of their daughters and played with their grand kids. Their daughter Monica even said I speak Spanish really well so yay for me. My homesickness is still here and I find myself wishing I was home–or at least at school in Seattle but I think that’s because I’ve never been this far away and honestly, a little bit of culture shock. However, today I had a great day and feel like I’m getting more oriented in Quito and I got closer with my host family and I am starting to feel more comfortable with them. This will probably help the home sickness.

Today I went, along with the other ACLAS students on a city tour where we got to see a ton of things like the first ever church in Quito, monuments, an outrageously ornate cathedral of the Jesuits, the municipal building, a park, and even more. I felt a lot more connected with those around me in ACLAS and felt like I could call them friends today. I even made tentative plans to go to Quicentro (the mall) on Saturday and Latacunga to hike a three day loop trail next weekend. I think this will probably also help with wishing I was home.


Here are some photos from today. I hope you can enjoy them even half as much as I did taking them.

Tomorrow I have another orientation for service learning, a trip to the equator, and then going to the mall to get a cell phone that actually works here. I’ve heard the mall has cinnibon, a coffee place from the US, and more places to eat that are chains we have in the US…I might just have to get some.

Adios mis amigas y espero que tengan una buena dia.