Mitad De Mundo y Guayasamin


**Above is me being cute at the equator sign and then the actual sign.

I also got a stamp in my passport saying I have now been there. We also tried to balance an egg on a nail and it’s supposedly easier but i don’t think so because it was still really hard.

Me trying to Balance an egg…oh and Dwayne

Then we got to go to the national monument of the equator where there were shops, food, exhibits, and art. I got to see some of Guayasamin’s work along with buy a few small things in the shops. One older man was so shocked and happy that I spoke Spanish–it was so cute! Whenever the people here see a white person who can speak Spanish they get really excited and it always makes me happy. Below are some more photos from Friday.

Yeah that’s me standing in both the northern and southern hemispheres at once

Then today I went with a few friends to see the work of Guayasamin  his old house that he donated to Ecuador. We were not allowed to take photos of his work but seriously–LOOK HIM UP. He is an amazing artist who always painted or sculpted about the unfairness in the world from dictators to Africans pain coming to America as slaves. After that we went to an adorable cafe and got some good food while it was still hot out. The whole day was amazing even if I had to walk an entire mile completely in a steep incline to get there, plus the view was humbling as well. Below are some pictures of the view and the steps we had to walk up to get there– and those steps aren’t even the half of it.

My homesickness has gone away a little bit just because I’m getting more comfortable with my host family and Quito; I feel like I can do this now.

Tomorrow it’s experiencing church in Spanish with my family, then going to the park to hang out with some friends. Then classes start on Monday (DUN DUN DUN) so fingers crossed for my first class and homework load. Hopefully next week some of us students will go on a three day self-guided hiking loop down in Latacunga. I’m so ready Ecuador.

Let’s do this.