Much has happened

Hello all following my adventure down in Ecuador. It’s been a long while since I wrote but everything has been crazy around here. I’ll start by saying that the second cycle of classes is doing alright, we have less homework which is kind of nice but have to try way harder in class. Thursday before last I got incredibly sick and was throwing up all night so I sadly did not get to go to Quilota. However, the next day I got to take the trip to Mindo.

We were in Mindo for Saturday and Sunday and did some prettttttty cool stuff. On Saturday when we arrived we went tubing down the river full of rocks. We were sitting between innertubes that were tied together and we went six at a time with guides. They guided us through the river over little drops and we had a blast screaming every time. We then ate lunch and went zip lining. We had seven lines and each one got crazier. I ended up going upside down a few times and one time while the guide bounced the rope up and down. We then had free time which we promptly spent in the hot tub. After that we ate dinner which was extremely depressing due to the fact that it was valentines day themed and I’m here spending valentines day without my boyfriend for the first time in 4 years. Then some of us stayed up late but others…i.e my friends and I went and played some games, got deep talking about life, and then went to bed fairly early. The next day we went on a short hike and got to see a butterfly habitat which I did not enjoy because they manhandle them grabbing them by their wings and holding onto them for pictures. We then got to go to a chocolate factory and learn about the entire process and try their chocolate. It was pretty amazing. We then headed back and I had a long week at school.



This weekend some of us went to the Canoa which is a beach. It was incredible. It was hot, a tiny humid, but we got to swim and lay on the beach all weekend, drink amazing smoothies, and each a lot of fresh seafood. I got overly burnt of course as I do but I think this’ll turn into a tan. We also got to see the culture of the beach, way more relaxed just selling stuff on the beach and swimming and their accents were very hard to understand. They did make me pay $15 for sunscreen and $11 for aloe so make sure to bring some if you ever go. A friend of mine and I stayed in a different hostel than everyone else but it was literally a 40 minute walk away, it was crazy. But worth it because we got to have our own fans to sleep with. We headed back yesterday which means I was in a bus for 8 hours, but i got a goodnight sleep and I am ready for this week.

This weekend is the amazon and carnival. I am also getting my tattoo on Tuesday of next week.Then my birthday is that Thursday. It’s crazy because the program is almost over and I know I’ll be sad to leave my host family but very glad to be back. I miss my mom and boyfriend and family a lot. Plus my anxiety has been a lot higher than normal in general, just making me feel anxious and overthink a lot.I think it’s just being out of country and missing everyone and how everything is different down here. Overall, I’m glad I did this because I have grown a lot already. My Spanish is better already and I feel more competent and confident in myself as an adult. Plus getting through my anxiety while here is also showing me how strong I am and how many people I have supporting me.

Chao everyone. I hope you’re having a great time wherever you are and I cannot wait to see you. I’ll write again after the Amazon and my tattoo.