Hello friends. Another week or so has past so I’m just writing about whats been going on. This past week was my last week of class for 203 which was tough but I got through it and I think I’ll end up with a 3.8 which isn’t too shabby.I learned a new card game and proceeded to get absolutely crushed numerous times by my host mom. Wednesday I had service learning and I am truly beginning to have bonds and love these children. I have one particular baby who loves me and the feeling is mutual. He is such a cutie and whenever I have to leave my heart hurts a little that I don’t know if I’ll see him the next week because attendance is so poor.

Friday I went to the mall with some friends and we shopped around a bit. Then they came over to my house where we watched pretty woman and ate popcorn.

Saturday I went with a larger group of friends to the Teleforiqo which is basically a gondola up the tall volcano and took in the scenery up there. It was absolutely gorgeous. We then went to the mall for food and ice cream, then back to our school ACLAS to get more water and make a plan for the rest of the night. We decided to go to the artisan market where again I bought an Alpaca sweater which is purple and amazing. Then I went home and ate dinner with my family. At 9 I met up with two of my friends and we shared a taxi to another friends house and we went out dancing. We had such a good time.


Sunday I laid around the house, watched friends, played scrabble (yes in Spanish) with my host mom and rummy which i finally beat her at! Then some of my friends and I went over to another friends house to watch the SUPERBOWL and then ate some amazing Venezuelan food.

Today my classes start at 1:30 instead of 2:30 from now on and I’m taking two classes instead of one so you might not hear from me all that often. This weekend we are going to Quilota on Friday and then Mindo the cloud forest on Saturday and Sunday so I will write about that when it happens.

I’m finally starting to feel like I know Quito and can get around, it’s starting to feel more comfortable and normal than like I’m in a different place. I do miss Seattle and Spokane and I know I will be ready to come home when the time comes but right now I know this was an experience I needed to have. I feel like my Spanish is improving, I’m not going to be anywhere near fluent when I get home but I am thinking less about speaking and just doing it more. I also think this was a good experience because I would never have realized how it feels to be the foreign one. Everyday when I walk down the street people stare at me, sometimes point, even had a few take pictures of me. Men want to talk to me just because I’m white and little kids giggle when they see me. It’s been hard knowing that wherever I go I am being seen and stared at but it also gives me a sense of knowing what other people have to go through in the States and around the world when they are deemed “foreign”.

Have a great week everyone.