Amazon and Birthday

Hello alllllllllll, it’s been awhile. Its so hard to believe I only have two weeks left here in Ecuador  and while I am ready to go home for sure and get back into the swing of Seattle life, I am going to be sad to let this country and my host family go. I am so proud of myself for doing this. It hasn’t always been the easiest being away from all my family and friends, in a new city, taking the city bus here which is insane, learning a language, learning how to travel outside of Quito by buses on our own. All of it has made me stronger, more independent, and more confident in my ability to be an adult (which has been freaking me out ever since I went to college). I now know that I am who I am, I can do anything, and also I’m kinda a badass. I have never really been this confident in myself ever so I’m glad I did this even though it’s been hard.


Last weekend we had a five day weekend because of Carnaval. Sadly, I didn’t get to see Carnaval because everyone leaves Quito to celebrate and our celebration here is much smaller. I did however go to the Amazon Rainforest. It was pretty cool. We left Thursday night and arrived the next morning early at 6:30 and then took another two hour drive deeper, then a three hour canoe ride to get to our lodge. We stop all along the way to our lodge to spot animals. We then went on a night walk in the forest and saw some of the worst bugs ever like the Scorpion Spider, look it up. We then ate dinner and crashed pretty early.

The next day we went to an indigenous village and made yuca bread with some of the members there. Yuca is a plant similar to potato, you pull the plant out of the ground, and the roots are yuca. We then clean and grate them (which we did in their metal grater by hand) and then dry them which is the coolest part. You put all the wet grated yuca in a bamboo thing that the people make and the hang it and turn it. Tons of water falls out and then when you open it, its almost like flour. It went from grated potato to flour–crazy sauce. We then ate the bread with some chocolate or tuna. Then we went back and hung out, then went back on the canoe and went in search of animals. Some people swam-those people were not me. Then we got absolutely soaked on the way back to the lodge, changed, then hung out and ate dinner.


our workspace

The next day we ate breakfast and then took a three hour walk in the forest where I ate lemon ants and termites. I was pretty disgusted but I knew I would be disappointed in myself if I didn’t seize the opportunity. Then we lunches and then went back on the boat to look for animals and river dolphins. Then dinner and another night walk.

The next morning we ate and then took of back to the place they picked us up so we could be back in Quito by 10. So then that was all travel and I got back home exhausted and very very stinky due to the fact that I had basically been wet all weekend and none of my clothes had dried.

The next day I hung out with some friends, got a new tattoo, and we went to lunch for my birthday that was on Thursday.



My birthday was alright. It was weird not being home but my wonderful mom sent me beautiful flowers and I got to skype with her and my boyfriend. My friends took me out for ice cream and then my host family made me a cake:)


Then Friday we drove to Ibarra which is two hours away and saw a beautiful lake. The lake is  where the conquistadores killed thousands of Incas and dumped them into the lake so it’s called blood lake. Then I went on a swing like thing that was a swing mixed with ziplining and I hit the end too hard and almost did a flip off and hit my leg reallllly hard on a metal bar.


I have this week of school, this weekend where I might go out of town but then my boyfriend will be here on Sunday and then my mom on Wednesday and school is over Thursday. So crazy that the program is almost over.

Talk to you all later. Have a great week.