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Meghan Weekley
Spanish Ecuador: Quito (UW Program)
Quito, Ecuador
Winter Quarter, 2017


About Me
My name is Meghan Weekley and I am studying in Quito Ecuador through ACLAS or the Andean Center for Language Learning.

Where in the world are you off to and what will you be studying?
In Quito I am studying Spanish and living with a host family.

What are you most excited about?
I am most excited about the traveling, getting new relationships and connections, and becoming more fluent in Spanish.

What do hope readers will gain from following your posts?

I hope readers will get insight into studying abroad and what it’s really like and maybe will decide to do this program themselves, but at least know what they are getting themselves into.

Amber Lee
University of Sydney Exchange
Sydney, Australia
Spring Semester, 2017 (WIN/SPR)

About Me

I’m on exchange in Sydney, Australia, studying Business Marketing.
I’m most excited to push myself and test my own limits by trying new and scary things. Maybe even find a tan, Aussie boyfriend?
I hope my readers will get to see Sydney through my eyes, and relate to the experiences I have Down Under!